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Ages 0+

Sensory Solar System Set


What you get

Develop stellar sensory awareness with space-themed play! This gift set is designed to help support babies’ budding sensory and motor skills — from reaching to grabbing to rolling over — all while setting the stage for later science learning and a lifelong fascination with space. The set includes four out-of-this-world toys, plus a sturdy read-aloud board book:

Sun Lovey: Snuggle up with the high-contrast embroidered face, planets, and stars.

Saturn Teether: Explore texture and shape with the easy-to-hold silicone ring and smooth wood center.

Galaxy Rattle: Spin, shake, and rattle the wood discs.

Spaceship Wobbler: Push to make the wobbler jingle and pop back up.

Hello, Star! board book: Blast off to the stars and explore the night sky. From KiwiCo Press.

Made with care. KiwiCo baby products are free of BPA, phthalates, and lead. We use only non-toxic, water-based paints and finishes.

Materials and care:
• All toys are spot clean only.
• Sun Lovey exterior is organic cotton; interior is polyester.
• Saturn Teether ball is solid beechwood; ring is baby-safe silicone.
• Galaxy Rattle body and discs are solid beechwood.
• Spaceship Wobbler body exterior is velboa; interior is polyester; base is solid beechwood; connection is hook-and-loop fastener.



Board Book

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We were inspired by how babies touch, taste, and test their environment like tiny, determined scientists. To encourage these (very) young explorers to engage in sensory and motor play, we sought out a mix of materials that would provide a wide range of sensory stimulation to discover. Astronauts have nothing on newborns when it comes to exploring strange new worlds!

By the numbers

Astronomy concepts explored in our brainstorm: 70+

NASA images used as references for board book illustrations: 15

Spaceship Wobbler prototypes built: 5

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