Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Marble Timer


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Construct a marble-powered mechanism that helps keep time! Experiment with your timer and design new paths to help the marbles run faster, slower, and everything in between. Then use your mechanism to time yourself while creating colorful dip-dye wood art.

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with explore!, a bonus play & learn magazine with extra projects and activities!

As seen on: Red Tricycle

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Apr 28 2020

My son loved this crate as much as his first and it was easy to assemble. However I had two problems with it... first, he was never able to get it to function properly as a timer. The marbles kept falling off the last arm before it went down enough to trigger the next marble. Second, the little foam piece at the bottom did NOT contain the marbles. He lost 3 of them in the first 10 minutes because they were falling all over the floor. I also wish the finished product could be stored somehow in the original box.

Apr 5 2020

My son, 8, usually loses interest in toys and such quickly. He has gone back to this marble timer day after day. I, mom, even find it fun and soothing. The sound of the marble running the track changes every time you adjust the wooden pieces, it is nice and melodic, he is usually shouting "come hear this one!". This was a great purchase and we are always pleased with Kiwico items.

Mar 30 2020

This Marble Timer has been keeping my son so busy! He loved designing the board and seeing it come to life. Testing out the different speeds was fun!